OPER (Order. Pay. Earn. Redeem) is an up-and-coming tech company and the first of its kind in the mobile payment sector. A simple, yet innovative mobile ordering and mobile payment platform providing restaurants with transactions free of merchant processing fees. OPER is a complete mobile dining experience used at every restaurant with one simplified rewards program! Pay with your OPER account and earn up to 10% back and redeem that credit at any restaurant.


Restaurants in the United States


Independent Restaurant Owner 55%
Restaurants with Online Ordering In Place 29%
Restaurants with Existing Loyalty Program 17%

OPER Customer Benefits

OPER gives customers a quick, easy, and secure way of browsing menus, ordering, and paying from the convenience of their smartphone. Customers can view menu items, restaurant hours and locations, and find restaurant specific deals. In addition to these features, customers now earn an industry-leading up to 10% back on every purchase made through OPER while typical credit card companies give users only 1-2% back. Unlike the widely popular Starbucks app that only reward users after X number of purchases, OPER allows users to earn and redeem instantly at any participating location.

OPER Restaurant Services

OPER is a must-have solution for any restaurant. Our primary focus at OPER is to provide a free online ordering platform to restaurants while going beyond simple convenience and incentivizing users to order online.

OPER is far superior to other online ordering, loyalty, and mobile payment platforms currently on the market because:

    • OPER combines mobile ordering, payment, and loyalty into a single platform with a simple message.
    • OPER cuts the cost of acquiring customers for restaurants through a transaction fee-free payment process.
    • OPER’s hyper-targeted, geo-fenced mobile advertising allows restaurants to directly reach customers like never before!

Unlike other online ordering platforms on the market today, we provide restaurants with a full suite of services, FREE OF CHARGE.

  • FREE mobile ordering
  • FREE digital marketing campaign
  • FREE 24/7 customer support
  • FREE processing equipment (receipt printer and tablet)
  • Transaction fee-free mobile payment platform
  • Restaurant management console
  • Automated alerts
  • Comprehensive reporting